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Payment options are available as below:

アイコンShipping to address outside Japan

Payments must be made through Paypal. An EMS tracking number will be sent by e-mail through Paypal.

アイコンShipping to address in Japan

You can choose one of the three payment methods: Credit Card, Cash on delivery, or bank remittance. If you choose 'bank remittance', your package will be shipped after we confirm your payment. If you choose 'cash on delivery', please pay it when you receive your package.

→ Bank remittance

After you receive the automated order conformation e-mail from Parabox, please send payment by bank remittance. The bank remittance fee will be your responsibility. We will send your package after we confirm your payment.

Here is our bank information.
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
Mizonokuchi blanch(#596)
Futsu Yokin 7465650
Account Name:株式会社PARABOX  ふりがなは カ)パラボックス
Yucho bank
kigou 10290
bangou 38398061
Account name:株式会社PARABOX  ふりがなは カ)パラボックス

→ Cash on delivery

This method lets you pay when you receive the package. You can use this option only when you choose TA-Q-BIN as shipping method. You will be responsible for the fee.

→ Credit Card

Listed below are the available credit card services:

If you have any questions about payment, please feel free to contact us.

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