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11cm Obitsu bodies

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About 11cm body


11cm bodies

11cm body: 11cm height body. All the joints are movable and it
stands by itself. Two colors, flesh tone and white skins are available.
There are a variety of heads available for the 11cm body.
Experience the small dolls' world!

11cm bodies

Optional items for 11cm body

PARABOX11cm doll heads

PARABOX 11cm doll Custom Basic sets

1/6 scale Parabox Custom Basic Sets come with either a painted head, eyes, and the 11cm Obitsu body all assembled. A wig, clothes, and shoes are not included.

11cm body size list

shoulder width2.8cm bust5.6cm waist5.7cm hip6.6cm
leg (B)4.5cm top of upper arm to wrist shoulder height (A)8cm foot1.8cm

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【doll body】11cm Obitsu body white skin mat skin
1,650 JPY
【doll body】11cm Obitsu body fleshtone w/magnets mat skin
1,870 JPY
【doll body】11cm Obitsu body fleshtone mat skin
1,650 JPY
【doll replacement part】Gripping handsA for obitsu11 dolls - white skin
550 JPY
【doll replacement part】Gripping handsA for obitsu11 dolls - fleshtone
550 JPY
【doll accessory】Obitsu Obi-balls (white skin)
477 JPY
【doll accessory】Obitsu Obi-balls (fleshtone)
477 JPY
【doll body】11cm Obitsu body white skin w/magnets mat skin
1,870 JPY
out of stock
[1 - 8] out of all [8] items
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